Vieng Sawan Vietnamese Restaurant

Vieng Sawan Vietnamese Restaurant

Vieng Sawan Vietnamese Restaurant

Vieng Sawan is a bustling Vietnamese restaurant in Vientiane that is extremely popular with locals and a growing contingent of tourists. It’s not sleek, it’s not shiny, it’s actually a little rundown, but the Vietnamese spring rolls, dipping sauces, and fresh herbs and vegetables are among the best you will find in the city and totally authentic. The menu is foreigner-friendly with lots of pictures and set menu options to choose from.vietnamese-restaurant

Vieng Sawan restaurant is perfect for those on a budget or anyone who wants a real Vientiane experience.

The range of food is limited to classic Vietnamese fare so most diners choose a combination of fresh and fried spring rolls, juicy pork meatballs and traditional Vietnamese beef hotpot. The waiting staff will bring dipping sauces and plates piled high with green vegetables and herbs as standard. Included are thin sheets of rice paper that must be soaked in water before being used to create custom spring rolls.vietnamese-food

Place some sausage meat in with a mix of chilli and peanut sauce, mint, basil and lettuce for an authentic taste of Vietnamese cuisine. Instead of rice, the staple food in Vieng Sawan is glutinous, white lumps of vermicelli noodle that compliment the other full-flavoured dishes perfectly.vieng-sawan

It is quite easy to find the restaurant, despite the lack of obvious signage on the shop front. It is located on Rue Hengboun, close to the intersection with Boulevard Khounboulom.

Vieng Sawan Vietnamese restaurant may not be the most refined dining experience but once you get past the open-fronted entrance and less-than-immaculate walls, an authentic and memorable meal awaits.

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