Best Restaurants in Vientiane (Part 2)


Kong View Restaurant 

Located a few kilometres upstream from the centre of town, Kong View Restaurant sits next to the riverside; if you walk along the river bank you can’t fail to miss it. Alternatively, you can take a tuk-tuk which will get you there in only a few minutes and is a fun prelude to an evening meal.kong-view-in-vientiane

The menu is an extensive collection of Laos and Thai favourites with some Western standards thrown in for good measure. The best way to eat at Kong View is to order a few plates for the table as portions are smallish and designed to be shared. If this all sounds too adventurous there is deep fried chicken and chips and other typical Western standards. Whatever you order, the food is well presented and freshly prepared.kong-view-restaurant

Relaxing beneath the trees and multi-coloured lanterns at Kong View, it is clear the management have built a venue where dining is only part of the experience. It is also one of the few riverside Vientiane venues that offers good quality live music, so even when night falls and dinner is finished, it is popular for people to move inside for a few more drinks.

Aria Italian Restaurantaria-italian

Aria proudly boasts to have the ‘best pizzas in town’ (a claim also made by several other restaurants), but as a wise man once said, self-praise is no recommendation. Thankfully, Aria can justify their lofty declarations with authentic, stone-baked pizzas loaded with mozzarella that are as good as you could find in any restaurant from Rome to Rangoon.

If you visit as a group, it is a good idea to let the head chef create a personal menu for you, starting with some antipasti and salad, before moving on to pasta and meat dishes. Aria is more expensive than neighbouring restaurants on Francois Ngin Street but the service and quality of the food is far

Aria is one of the finest restaurants in Vientiane and when you compare the price of a meal to that of other top restaurants around town, it usually comes out on top. Another definite plus point to this restaurant is their clear emphasis on fine Italian wines to accompany your dining experience; I found their wine menu a little daunting actually, but the maitre d’ was on hand to recommend a suitable wine to complement our meal.wineAria restaurant in Vientiane covers the classic Italian dishes such as pizza, pasta, lasagna as well as a sizeable selection of imported meat and fish, and should be tried at least once. You can feel the owners have a passion for what they do, wkong-view-restauranthich you can feel in the attentiveness of their staff and taste it in their delicious Italian fare.

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